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Corey SPIRIT is our school-wide behavior program, which is focused on three major tenets/principles: Work, Respect and Belong. It is integrated into everything aspect of Corey School.

School-Wide Expectations are listed in the School Wide Expectations Matrix. These expectations are explicitly taught, modeled, practiced and observed throughout each school year. Teachers have these Expectations Matrices in the classrooms, and they are also posted in different areas of the school. Each teacher also has their Individual Classroom Matrix posted in their classrooms.

Acknowledging appropriate behavior is crucial and is done in many ways at Corey School. The following are ways appropriate behaviors are acknowledged:

  • Verbal Praise
  • SPIRIT Tickets
  • Paws of Praise
  • SPIRIT Tickets are a form of currency at Corey. They are used to acknowledge exceptional behavior and to call out demonstrations of the school-wide and classroom expectations.
  • Paws of Praise are school-wide positive notes that are used to acknowledge students who have shown extra effort demonstrating Corey SPIRIT. Paws of Praise are given to students who achieve something extraordinary.