Cell Phone Policy

The BPSD Governing Board may regulate the possession or use of an electronic signaling device. Students are not to use cell phones during the instructional day. Board Policy 5131 restricts the use of electronic signaling devices to before and/or after school hours only. Cell phones, pagers and other electronic devices shall remain off during school hours. (For complete policy, please see Ed Code 48901.5).  This policy also applies to the Child Care programs and is supplemented by the condition that a violation of the student use of cell phones during the operation hours of school will result in the confiscation of the student’s phone.


    1. Students may not call or text home during the school day.
    2. Cell phones must be turned off at all times throughout the school day. This also includes any school sponsored   
        before/after school programs and activities. 
    3. Use of a cell phone camera is strictly prohibited on school grounds.
    4. If your child is found breaking any of the rules mentioned above, the following steps   
        will be taken:
  • First offense - cell phone will be taken from the student and left in the office for student pickup after school.       
  • Second offense and thereafter - cell phone must be picked up by a parent.


    Students who continually violate our policy will not be allowed to have a cell phone at school.

    If you bring a phone to school, it is at your own risk. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to a phone.