Homework Policy

We believe that regular and well planned homework assignments, appropriate to the learning needs and academic abilities of pupils, are an integral part of the instructional program.


Homework may be preparation for classroom lessons, practice after a skill is taught, extending an idea or skill to a new or different situation.


Students are required to complete homework each night, Monday through Thursday.

A homework guideline per grade level is suggested below:


                        Kindergarten               10-15 minutes

                        Grades 1-3                  10-30 minutes

                        Grades 4-6                  40-60 minutes


Parents are asked to provide a time for homework that is as consistent as possible each evening Monday through Thursday. Provide a place for homework where interruptions are at a minimum. When homework is complete, please check to see that your child has put forth a reasonable and accurate effort. Homework assignments are planned to reinforce classroom instruction, develop responsibility in a student, promote ability to work independently and encourage good study habits. HABITS DEVELOPED NOW WILL LAST A LIFETIME!